Web Hosting Service providers in 2019

Best 5 Web Hosting Service provider in 2019

Web Hosting Service providers in 2019

Are you Confused while selecting the best web Hosting service provider in 2019 for your website.?

You might be wondering and confused about, which service provider is delivering the best and cheapest service providers.

Web Hosting is a must in order to make a website accessible on the internet, If you’re looking for a rented home for your website, there are several options which you can try. We will help you out to find the best out of them.

Before putting our tested suggestions, we would like to know more about your requirements.

Are you a newbie, launching your first website? Or maybe you are an expert finding the best hosting for your next new and bigger business.?

Today with this blog, we can help you to get the best web hosting service provider in 2019 for all your online needs.

If you are a newbie you’d be outright mesmerized by the functional opulence, the abundance of tools and services you can get for your web presence is very cheap.

This market vertical is facing fierce competition, thus marketing and promotions are of top-notch.

But, there are a lot of factors which you should be keeping in mind while selecting the odd one out. We always recommend you to compare your web hosting service provider on the basis of:

Factors you should keep in mind while comparing the best web hosting service providers

  1. Website Uptime
  2. Speed
  3. Support
  4. Pricing
  5. Security

There are several other factors as well, But we are giving you more brief about the important one’s.

  1. Website Uptime – It is one of the major benchmarks for any website to get higher ratings, Website uptime is a time during which your web hosting server is operational. & If a web hosting server is not operational (down) then your website won’t be accessible for its audience, it will give a bad impression & kills your brand’s online presence. It is calculated in Percentages only and below is an example

    Note:- So if you have experienced 30 minutes of downtime in the last 30 days, the equation would be:[( 43,200 minutes – 30 minutes ) / 43,200 minutes] x 100 = 99.93% uptime.

  2. Website Speed – The powerful web hosting boost up your website visitors in no time, having the fastest website and page speed is essential for your brand. It gives you higher rankings in search engines, Lower bounce rates, exponential growth in traffic & page views, Increase in website conversions and great User Experience.

    Note:- You can check your website speed at Google PageSpeed Insights tool or you can use GTmetrix.com to get the clear orientation of your web page speed.

  3. Customer Support – Nowadays, almost every web hosting service provider gives live chat, email or Phone support for its customers. But to be honest, In the IT world, it is not sufficient. The Support executives have a long waiting list and also you cannot rely upon the competency of these support executives. 

  4. Pricing – For Newbies, It could be a major concern while selecting the perfect hosting services as value comes with money. We have seen a lot of Youngsters looking for cheap or free hosting service providers. But there’s a glitch in these types of hostings. You should also be aware of the pricing tricks offered by these service providers.

    These hosting service providers don’t make efforts to maintain very high standards of servers. Because it needs a power backup, data backup, technicians, hardware cost, software cost, updates, upgrades, security cost, and much more to maintain it.

  5. Security – In today’s world of online hacking competitions,  nearly 30,000 websites are hacked on a daily basis. It’s the responsibility of your hosting service provider to secure your important financial information as well as it should give your users complete user privacy.

It would be amazing if your web hosting service providers offer a free SSL certificate to you with the hosting package.
An SSL certificate will help you to secure your website from various malicious attacks & improve search engine rankings for your website.

Now, after sharing how to find the best web hosting service provider. We will be sharing Top 5 Web Hosting service providers of 2019.

Siteground – It is crafted for easy website management, It is secured, fast, reliable and affordable. You can get tools such as website builder, website transfer, managed WordPress users, flexible for WordPress developers. But when you consider that your site will be limited to only 10GB of storage space, 10,000 monthly visits, and a ‘fast-but-not-fast-enough’ speed of 713ms, it starts to become a harder sell. However, they have a Data centre’s across the US, Europe & Asia.

Please find some of the SiteGround Pros:

  • + Very Good Uptime (99.99%)
  • + Fast and Knowledgeable Support
  • + High-Performance WordPress Hosting
  • + Easy to Use, & also includes cPanel
  • + Free Site Migration

Please find some of the SiteGround Cons:

  • ‘Setup Fee’ for Monthly Billing
  • Limited Storage Space
  • Doesn’t offer Premium Support

InMotion – It is known for Secure, Fast & Reliable Web Hosting & Affordable web hosting for all. They are also offering premier support for all of its 25000+ customers which helps you to go extra miles. It’s the best all-rounder in the market as of 2019 and is able to serve both individuals and businesses of all sizes looking for WordPress or E-commerce friendly web-hosting.

Please find some of the InMotion Pros:

  • WordPress hosting: Yes
  • Business hosting: Yes
  • Web design services: Yes
  • 24×7-US-based support: Yes
  • Excellent performance
  • Great tech support
  • cPanel and Softaculous-powered hosting

Please find some of the InMotion Cons:

  • – No Free Site Migrations
  • – No Free Account trails

Bluehost –  It is one of the most reputed names in the Web Hosting domain, As they have reliable support, great uptime, and for promoting beginners they are offering amazing features like free domain name, website builder and one-click install for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Also, to fight against hacking they are offering free SSL on both free as well as email accounts so you can have secured email servers.

Now, we will be sharing some pro’s & con’s of having Bluehost as your Hosting service provider

Please find some of the Bluehost Pros:

+ Best website Uptime (99.99%)
+ Fastest Load Time (0.41ms)
+ Cheap “Intro” Cost ($2.75/mo)
+ Easy to Use and Signup
+ Fast Support (Live Chat and Phone)
+ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
+ Free SSL Certificate

Please find some of the Bluehost Cons:

  • – No Free Site Migrations

Hostinger – It is offering the world’s cheapest hosting starting at just ($0.80/mo). They are having great uptime of 99.91% & also offering unlimited Database and Bandwidth unless you choose a single hosting plan.
They are having Data centre’s all around the world and are mainly operating from all the seven different regions. They do offer a 30-Day money back guarantee for its users.

Please find some of the Hostinger Pros:

  • + Fast Load Time (0.37ms)
  • + Cheapest Plan ($0.80/mo)
  • + Datacenters in 7 Regions
  • + FREE Domain Name (1 year)
  • + Uptime Guarantee
  • + 30 Days Money Back

Please find some of the Hostinger Cons:

  • SSL Not Included
  • No Free Site Migration

Dreamhost – It is mainly a Developer friendly web hosting service provider, which has a great pricing starts from ($2.59/mo). Dreamhost is one of the biggest players in the Hosting vertical with over 4,00,000 active customers with a hosting router of more than 1.5 million + websites. They offer fast load times of 71.9ms, a 99.96% average uptimes, 97-day money back guarantee, and completely unlimited bandwidth. But are unable to provide live chat support with also offering traditional CPanel.

Please find some of the Dreamhost Pros:

  • + Knowledgeable Support
  • + 97-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • + Unlimited Bandwidth
  • + They’re Carbon Neutral

Please find some of the Dreamhost Cons:

  • Possible Delayed Setup
  • Dedicated cPanel is not available
  • No Live Chat Support
  • No Free Site Migration

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